Organizational Chart, role and responsibility

The bodies of the Foundation are:
The Honorary Chairman
The President
The Vice-Presidents
The Board of Directors (5)
The International Honors Committee
The Scientific Committee

The two Vice-Presidents, chosen from the members of the Board of Directors, are selected by the Institutional Members;
the President of the Scientific Committee is selected by the Institutional Founders - Participants;
all rights all due to any participating Supporter for selecting each member of the Scientific Committee;
the Secretary-General is appointed by the Mayor of Rome.


The Working Group, established within the Rome City Council - Roma Capitale in November 9th, 2011, started all the preparatory acts in order to the set up the Foundation, including the launch of the evaluation of projects that should be submitted to the Fund for approval.
Downline of this preliminary work, approved by the competent bodies, the Foundation will be formally set up within March 30th, 2012.
After its establishment, the Foundation will become immediately operanting.
According to the above-mentioned bodies, the activities of the Foundation for the coordination and management of the WorkProgram will be accomplished with the following tasks:


The President of the Foundation is the Mayor of Roma Capitale.

The President exerts all the powers of initiative necessary for the efficiency of the administration and the management of the Foundation.
In particular, the President promotes relationships with authorities, institutions, companies and other public and private organizations in order to establish working relationships supporting any initiatives of the Foundation.
In addition, the President can take urgent measures in the Board of Directors areas of interest on behalf of the Foundation, unless the further ratification of the Board of Directors itself.

The Vice-Presidents

The Vice-Presidents are 2 (two).

The Vice-Presidents are appointed by the Board of Directors among its members.

The Board of Directors also appoints the one with the powers to replace the President in case of his temporary absence or non-fulfilment. In case of temporary absence or impediment of both, of the Chairman and of the Deputy Chairman, the other Vice President shall act as that Deputy Chairman. The Vice President is in charge for 4 (four) years and is renewable.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has 5 (five) members, as expression of the Charter Member, Roma Capitale, and the Institutional Members and Supporters Founders, then, in case, also of new Charter Members.
The Board of Directors has all the powers for the ordinary and extraordinary management of the Foundation. In particular, the Board of Directors shall:
- establish the general guidelines of the Foundation and its programs.
- approve the budget and the account survey presented by the Secretary General; The function of member of the Board of Directors is at no charge.
For the members there is only the reimbursement of their expenses in a way agreed by the Board of Directors. The members of the Board of Directors are in charge for 4 (four) years and may be reappointed. The duration of the appointment of a member that has to replace another one on whatever basis is no longer than the duration of the replaced member.

Roma Capitale Investments Foundation
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